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Welcome to Pinoy* Online Earning!

     If you're reading this, then you are probably involved in an internet earning venture yourself. You may not realize however, that there are countless other earning opportunities on the net . I've compiled this list so that other Filipinos like me, as well as all other enterprising individuals, will have a better understanding of the basics of the Get Paid To (GPT) industry and the like.

     How is this site different from the similar websites you've seen before? Well, first of all, as you will eventually realize, although opportunities abound, we Filipinos cannot partake of them all.  A lot of excellent programs are, unfortunately, targeted at our first world counterparts. Fortunately, I have listed all the programs I encountered in which Filipinos, and their fellow Asians, are a welcome addition to the member base.

    When browsing this site, please take the time to visit the Useful Links for each section found on the left as I found them valuable resources for each type of earning venture. Now that you've had a brief overview, its time to get started.

News and Updates

8.11.2007 - 100daily back up! Received 2 additional payments (Total Profit $36.85)
 RainProfit currently not paying!

8.10.2007- Received 51 total payments from RainProfit (Total $12.30 1, 2, 3)
110daily MySQL temporarily down.

8.9.2007- Received 9 total payments from KaleTrading  (Total $1.17)

8.8.2007 - Received 15 total payments from 100daily (Total Profit $26.35)

8.1.2007 - Received 10th payment from 100daily (Total Profit $20.75)
Received 1st payment from KaleTrading
Received 3rd to 5th payments from RainProfit (Total $0.13)

7.31.2007 - Received 9th payment from 100daily (Total Profit $16.75)
Received 1st payment from NocturnalEmail Total ($1.28)
Received 1st & 2nd payments from RainProfit (Total $0.48)

7.29.2007 - Received 14th payment from No-Minimum (Total $7.08)
Received 2-8th payments from 100daily (Total Profit $12.75)

7.14.2007 - Received 1st payment from 100daily (Total $5.45)

7.11.2007 - Received 9th payment from  Fishing 4 Mails (Total $4.79)

7.2007 - Pinoy Online Earning now back online! After the drawn-out debacle with my domain name provider Registerfly, a solution has finally been arrived at. Domain renewals may  now be done via GoDaddy.

6.11.2007 - Received my 4th and last payment from CassandrasClicks (Total $20.31)

5.27.2007 - Received 13th payment from No-Minimum (Total $6.18)

5.23.2007 - Received my 8th payment from  Fishing 4 Mails (Total 4.54)

5.14.2007 - Received my 1st payment from DesertSkyMarketing  (Total $9.60)

4.17.2007 - Received 5th payment from Cat House Mails (Total $14.39)

4.15.2007 - Received 6th payment from
Fishing 4 Mails (Total $4.17)

3.01.2007 - Received 4th payment from Cat House Mails (Total $11.50)

2.26.2007 - Received payment from No-Minimum (Total $5.33)

2.23.2007 - Received 2nd payment from Advertise Online (Total $1.44)

2.12.2007 - Received my 3rd payment from WeAllGetPaid (Total $21.30)

2.11.2007 - Received 5th payment from Fishing 4 Mails (Total $2.61)

2.10.2007 - I've just signed out for the rapidly growing blog network MyLot. Hopefully, I will have the time and the inspiration to make useful and/of interesting entries. Check it out here.

1.23.2007 - Received 2nd payment from NiggyEmails (Total $11.20)
Received 5th payment from TequilaShots (Total $5.38)

1.11.2007 - Received 2nd payment from Cat House Mails (Total $9.19)
Received 1st payment from Galaxy Mails (Total $5.12)

1.08.2007 - Received 2nd payment from Mail Down Under (Total $5.00)

1.07.2007 - Received 4th payment from Fishing 4 Mails (Total $1.09)

12.05.2006 - Received my 7th quick payment from ToClickOrNotToClick (Total $7.05)

11.30.2006 - Received 6th payment from MidnightClicking (Total $12.51)

11.26.2006 - - Received 3rd payment from Fishing 4 Mails (Total $0.62)

11.05.2006 - Received 1st payment from Cat House Mails (Total $5.63)
Received payment from No-Minimum (Total $4.24)

10.30.2006 - Received 4th payment from TequilaShots (Total $5.12)

10.12.2006 - - Received payment from No-Minimum (Total $4.22)

10.12.2006 - - Received 2nd payment from Fishing 4 Mails (Total $0.35)

10.09.2006 - Received 5th payment from MidnightClicking (Total $8.29)
Received 1st payment from NiggyEmails (Total $5.58)

10.05.2006 - Received payment from No-Minimum (Total $3.39)

9.30.2006 - Received 1st payment from SunrisePaidEmails (Total $9.10)

9.24.2006 - Received 11th to 17th payments prior to its demise from GoldNDaily (Total $25.62)

9.22.2006 - Received 3rd payment from TequilaShots (Total $5.07)

09.13.2006 - Received 10th payment from GoldNDaily (Total $17.22)

09.10.2006 - Received 4th payment from MVPSurf (Total $21.25)

09.09.2006 - Received 1st payment (random) from EasyPTR (Total $0.31)

09.07.2006 - Received 4th payment from MidnightClicking (Total $5.21)

09.01.2006 - Received 9th payment from GoldNDaily (Total $16.02)

08.31.2006 - Received 8th payment from GoldNDaily (Total $9.60)

08.30.2006 - Received 7th payment from GoldNDaily (Total $8.40)

08.29.2006 - Received 6th payment from GoldNDaily (Total $7.20)

08.28.2006 - Received 5th payment from GoldNDaily (Total $6.00)

08.27.2006 - Received payment from No-Minimum (Total $4.80)
Received 4th payment from GoldNDaily (Total $4.80)

08.26.2006 - Received 3rd payment from GoldNDaily (Total $3.60)

08.25.2006 - Received 2nd payment from GoldNDaily (Total $2.20)

08.24.2006 - Received 1st payment from GoldNDaily (Total $1.20)

08.10.2006 - Received my 3nd payment from CassandrasClicks (Total $15.69)

08.05.2006 - Received my 2nd payment from TheMatrixDaily (Total $2.43)
Received first payment from VastAdv (Total $0.10)

08.02.2006 - Received 2nd payment from MVPSurf (Total $7.75)

07.31.2006 - Received 1st HYIP payment from TheMatrixDaily (Total $0.97)

07.27.2006 - TequilaShots is once again a no minimum payout site
Received my 1st payment from NoBannerZone (Total $2.02)

07.24.2006 - TheMatrixDaily has now completed its transition to a HYIP, and has been transferred accordingly.

07.20.2006 - Received first payment from NexxSurf (Total $6.05)
Received 2nd payment from BGPayMail (Total $9.97)

07.19.2006 - Received first payment from MVPSurf (Total $4.25)
Received first payment from JillSClickCorner (Total $0.14)

06.29.2006 - - Received 6th quick payment from TheMatrixDaily (Total $58.20)

06.05.2006 - Received my 2nd payment from WeAllGetPaid (Total $14.73)

05.21.2006 - Received 5th quick payment from TheMatrixDaily (Total $48.50)
Received 3rd payment from InboxSurfing (Total $1.32)

05.15.2006 - Received fourth quick payment from TheMatrixDaily (Total $38.80)

05.11.2006 - Received 2nd payment from TequilaShots (Total $4.03)

05.5.2006 - Received my 1st payment from OurPTR2 (Total $0.86)

04.30.2006 - Received my 3rd payment from MidnightClicking (Total $3.13). There has been a change of ownership from Sebastian to Andrea and the former has proven his integrity by paying out all members with a balance of at least $0.01 prior to the change.

04.29.2006 - Received third quick payment from TheMatrixDaily (Total $29.10)

03.31.2006 - Received my 6th quick payment from ToClickOrNotToClick (Total $6.00)

03.30.2006 - Received second payment from TheMatrixDaily (Total $19.40)

03.26.2006 - Vital EprofitWorks and Auto-Surf-Money update  here!

03.20.2006 - Received my 2nd payment from CassandrasClicks (Total $10.53)

03.19.2006 Received my 3rd payment from ZoomInvest (Total $4.25)

03.13.2006 - Eprofitsurf is now EprofitWorks! More details here
For the bad news, looks like the newcomer processor EMOCorp is the next in the line of fire from government investigations! More info here and here

03.06.2006 - EprofitSurf return delayed. More details here

03.03.2006 - Received 4th payment from BlackGold-Surf (Total $52.00)

03.02.2006 - Received first payment from TheMatrixDaily (Total $9.70)

03.01.2006 - BlackGold-Surf has introduced some major changes to its earning and referral terms in order to maintain its sustainability. More details here

02.26.2005 - Received my 4th payment from BlackGold-Surf (Total $43.40)

02.25.2006 - Looks like 12DailyPro is taking the fall, and soon. Keep abreast of the current situation by visiting the forums in the useful links found to the left.

02.24.2006 - ZoomInvest was unavailable earlier today due to transfer to a new server. It is currently back up now, and Jimmy has deleted all payment requests to minimize errors. Members are advised to re-submit their requests. Note: some countries may have difficulty accessing the site.

02.23.2006 - Unfortunately, Surf-SWOT Analysis is closing, allegedly due to unexpected payment processor issues. Roxanne, the admin, is claiming that refunds of members based on the date of upgrade will be completed within the next two months. Let us hope this is not just an empty promise.

02.18.2005 - Auto-Surf-Money launched by the administrators of EProfitSurf

02.16.2005 - Received my 3rd payment from BlackGold-Surf (Total $35.65)

02.15.2006 - Received my 7th payment from Surf-SWOT Analysis (Total $10.83).

02.13.2006 - EProfitSurf back up, final account alterations being made.

02.12.2006 - Received my 6th payment from Surf-SWOT Analysis (Total $10.59).
Received my first payment from No-Min (Total $1.15).

02.08.2006 - Received my 5th payment from Surf-SWOT Analysis (Total $8.30).
Members of KingofAutosurf who upgraded via e-gold can have their account balance and details transferred to a new account created in KingofAutosurf.NET. Account transfers can be done here.

02.06.2006 - The final plans of EprofitSurf and have been divulged: they plan on starting their own payment processor, Auto-Surf-Money, which will be the only payment processor to be used from now on, and both programs will merge with a resultant EprofitSurf offering 1% daily indefinitely. More details here

02.04.2006 - Received my 4th payment from Surf-SWOT Analysis (Total $7.80)

02.02.2006 - Received 2nd payment from Black Gold-Surf (Total $20.25)

02.01.2006 - Stormpay has announced that "can no longer process payments for those type of merchants who choose to accept more than one payment processing solution." More details at your account What's New section

01.28.2006 - Received my 3rd payment from Surf-SWOT Analysis (Total $5.60)
Received my 2nd payment from MidnightClicking (Total $2.00)

01.27.2006 - Received 3rd payment from KingofAutosurf (Total $2.85)

01.23.2006 - Received my first payment from 24dailypro (Total $18.06). Be careful though when investing here.
Received my 5th quick payment from ToClickOrNotToClick (Total $5.00)

01.22.2006 - Received my first payment from Black Gold-Surf (Total $7.20)

01.21.2006 - Received first EMO payment from 12dailyPro (Total $82.80)
Received my second payment from Xamis-Mail! (Total $1.95)

01.16.2006 - Received first payment from Mail-Down-Under (Total $2.50)

01.14.2006 - First payment received from Surf-SWOT Analysis (Total $3.20)

01.13.2006 - Added Pinoy Joke of the Day section! :)

01.11.2006 - 8th payment from BestAdSite! (Total $21.30)

01.08.2006 - 12DailyPro has finalized its decision to scrap E-gold as a payment processor! Bad move since not all members are able to open Stormpay or EMO accounts.

01.06.2006 - Received 2nd payment from KingofAutosurf (Total $0.62)

01.01.2006 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Received my 4th payout from ToClickOrNotToClick (Total $4.00)!

12.29.2005 - Joined KingofAutosurf
Updated the HYIP page to include my list of Gambler's Choices: hit and run HYIP programs that are paying its members at the moment.

12.24.2005 - Joined EProfitSurf
Random payout from Ad-On PTR ($0.43)

12.23.2005 - Paid by Get-Mails ($20)

12.19.2005 - E-gold back online! Let's hope it stays online and resolves its issues.

12.16.2005 - Received my 1st payment from WeAllGetPaid ($7.90)!

12.13.2005 - Removed the links for RainSurf, which has closed due to multiple problems with payment processors, and Autosurf4Euros, which has not come back as expected

12.12.2005 - Added a link to Pinoy Gold Exchange, an e-gold exchanger established by some members of Pinoy Money Talk Forum

12.11.2005 - Paid again by BestAdSite!
Get-Mails payout has been lowered to $20 from $44

12.10.2005 - Random Payout from Xamis-Mail!

12.04.2005 - Paid my 3rd $1.00 by ToClickOrNotToClick!

12.02.2005 - RainSurf's E-gold Account has been suspended, thus members can only upgrade using StormPay or NetPay.

11.29.2005 - Joined, where your upgrades last indefinitely!

11.28.2005 - Paid by Cassandra's Clicks!
Paid the promised 40% of upgrades by the now-defunct EstrixSurf

11.27.2005 - Received a random payout of $8 from 5StarPromotions!

11.23.2005 - Added a link to a great forum I discovered for Filipino entrepreneurs, Pinoy Money Talk

11.22.2005 - In a reckless move, I've tried joining RainSurf, which offers 13% daily for 10 days.
I've created a new section GPT Watch List, which will feature programs that I've joined but can recommend in good faith.

11.19.2005 - Unfortunately, Estrix Surf is closing. More details can be found here. I will update you if I do get the 40% refund given to upgraded members who are not in profit.
ClixSurf has allegedly been hacked by e-gold and has now closed! That's 2 programs within 24 hours =(

11.13.2005 - Joined ClixSurf, yet another novel program similar to autosurfs.
Removed PayDailySurf as it has disappeared without warning. I just broke even at this site.

11.08.2005 - First payment from BGPayMail!

11.07.2005 - Paid by the reliable BestAdSite

11.06.2005 - Paid by No-Minimum

11.02.2005 - 4th payment from PayDailySurf

10.28.2005 - Reinvested in 12DailyPro

10.22.2005 - Paid by HYIPMall
After a good run at 4Daily, quit the program to cut down my GPT program list.

10.20.2005 - Autosurf4Euros now under new administration!

10.11.2005 - Paid my 3rd $2.00 by PayDailySurf

10.09.2005 - Jim Hunt, CEO of 4Daily lays out his plan to revive this program

10.05.2005 - Paid $1.00 by Kenneth Tan of the House of Profit for participating in a forum contest
Withdrew $4.00 from FastMarket

10.04.2005 - Dreamz-Unlimited appears to have closed down without warning

10.01.2005 - Joined the reputable 12DailyPro

9.28.2005 - Received 6th payment from House of Profit

09.27.2005 - Added a link to Pinoy Ako Forum, a newly established forum which aims to foster communication between Filipinos worldwide, thanks to Sam B.
Received payments from Pelupa MMOF

09.25.2005 - Signed up at

09.24.2005 - Withdrew $0.40 from FastMarket

09.23.2005 - Second payment from PayDailySurf

09.22.2005 - My account at WolfEmails was deleted, allegedly for ticking Search in the Categories of Interest, which I'm sure I did not. I tried to appeal at the support forum but no reinstatement of account. I plan to redeem my earnings at MailsForUs (same PO) and quit it soon thereafter.

09.20.2005 - Paid by Dreamz-Unlimited

09.16.2005 - Test spend ($1.00) at HYIPMall

9.14.2005 - Added a link to GPT Programs currently having referral contests
Added Referral Recruitment Tips

09.13.2005 - Upgraded at Dreamz-Unlimited

09.12.2005 - Received payments from FastMarket & PayDailySurf
Joined WebMasterQuest (MTX)

09.11.2005 - Upgraded at EstrixSurf
Updated Manual Traffic Exchanges

09.09.2005 - Updated Paid to Surf Page (PayDailySurf & PaidResponse)

08.29.2005 - creation of site


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Referral Recruitment Tips (view)

Step by Step Guide to Opening your First GPT Account (view)

The Basics of Paid to Promote (view)

Why Waste Time Clicking For Pennies? (view)

Yet Another Guide to Beginner's Guide to GPT (view)

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