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Updated 01/13/2006 18:34:19
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Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan
Harry Potter by JK Rowling
Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

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     I'm a Filipino in my mid-twenties, currently spending my post-academic years at home just surfing the web while working part-time. All images seen in the header were taken various regions of my beautiful home country, the Philippines, which is currently undergoing yet another political and economic crises (what else is new?)

     I "discovered" the GPT Industry by accident, which is often the case, when I was surfing the net in my spare time this March, 2005 and spotted the ad for 4daily. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I carefully looked it through and signed up, as well as opened my first payment processor account, e-gold. In an attempt to fund my account, I ventured into Paid To Read, my first program being WolfEmails. Since then, I have been on a sort of sign up spree, joining programs here and there while simultaneously dropping others. Now,  less than 9 months later, I think I have learned enough to help out a few of the other struggling newbies out there. But of course, as in every business opportunity, nothing is guaranteed. So, good luck to all, and may you prosper in the ventures you choose!

     If you find something erroneous or lacking in this site, feel free to tell me all about it. This is my first attempt at such a site and my free web host only supports the use of Javascript and Flash.


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