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     Since I have not yet made any attempt to withdraw from either my AlertPay, E-gold,  Moneybookers or Stormpay account, the following is just a brief overview of the options available for cashing out your earnings.

  • Direct Withdrawal to your bank account via E-currency Exchanger
    A lot of sites are buy your e-gold in exchange for a wire to your bank account. Be careful though, and be sure you're aware of the fees involved at both ends, the exchanger AND your bank.

  • Withdrawals via checks
    Some payment processors, such as Moneybookers and Stormpay, provide the option of withdrawing your account balance via checks, although this is limited to certain countries only. Check each payment processors site for more details.

  • Withdrawals via money orders
    Some third party e-currency exchangers provide the option of sending you money orders in exchange for ecurrency transfers. Before using this, make sure you familiarize yourself with ALL fees involved, and take into account the time it would take for your money order to arrive.

  • Fund a Debit Card
    This is a feasible alternative as it enables you to make direct withdrawals in your country via ATMS. Again, familiarize yourself with the fees, particularly the recurring ones, since these will usually be taken out of your debit card balance.  Popular debit cards include Uniclear, XL Card, Ikobo and GCard.

  • Sell your e-currency to trusted individuals
    You can also sell your e-currency to individuals from your own country who you trust implicitly in exchange for a money order, or deposit into your bank account. Forums are a popular medium for such transactions, but are usually frowned upon by the payment processors themselves.

  • Spending it online
    Stormpay, although basically useless in the GPT industry at present, is already enjoying a growing popularity among online merchants,  if not as popular as Paypal. Hopefully in the near future, a lot more online establishments will accept either E-gold, AlertPay or Moneybookers as a mode of payment for goods and services.

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* colloquial term for people of Philippine descent