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 Affiliate Programs
These programs rewards its members for each sale/signup done via their own affiliate page. A promising site which lists and provides the option for reviews of affiliate programs is Affiliate Scout. Another valuable directory is WeAreAffiliates, which lists programs by category. For my fellow Pinoy netpreneurs, you might find to be a practical online site which offers reasonable referral bonuses for all members.

Paid to Download and Install Software
These programs pay you to download their software and have them running in the background while you continue surfing the net. An example is Peer Gomez, where you are required to download a secure, Java-based application that runs in the background of your PC. Based on your computer's characteristics (Internet connection type, geographic location and Internet service provider), your PC will receive instructions to autonomously test the performance of Web sites -- gathering important metrics that help identify network bottlenecks and performance problems. You earn based on your time spent online, the time your computer spent processing work for Gomez, and of course from your referrals($1.00 per referral). Payouts are via E-gold and Paypal once you reach $5.

Paid to Feature Ads on your website
A type of Paid to Promote, a lot of enterprising webmasters are earning substantial sums of money by featuring ad units on their websites. Popular examples of these include the ubiquitous Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, Clicksor, TMP express, etc. Make sure to read program policies and requirements first though before applying in these programs.

Paid to Refresh your Computer
These programs pay you for loading their website. An example is Klamm, a German program where you open their site and get paid  0.003 each time you refresh the page at 20 minute intervals.  You can earn more by clicking on Power Links ( 0.01) , answering questions regarding sites visited  (0.005) and recruiting referrals ( 0.70 per direct referral). Payout is  5.00 via MoneyBookers.

Paid to Resell
A form of affiliation, you can be a reseller of any product or service out there, from PTR advertising to Web Hosting Packages. Domain reselling have also been an increasingly popular choice for the netpreneur.

Paid to Review
You can earn money simply by doing constructive reviews of websites, movies, products or services. An example of a program which pays you to review sites is ICOMMU, where you earn $0.20-$0.30 per site review accepted, and get paid once your account balance reaches $5.00. You also earn $0.20 per referral, and payouts are via E-gold.

Paid to Shop
Hard to believe, but yes, some people get paid to shop. In exchange for free merchandise, cash, or both, mystery shoppers must rate the services and goods of the shopping establishments.

Paid to Upload and Show images to others
Several programs are now paying its members to let them host images for FREE. Basically, you get paid each time someone clicks on your image, and therefore views an ad unit such as a pop-up etc.  Member payments are derived from advertising income and are calculated based on the number of valid views your images get.

Paid to Signup
This has become a permanent fixture in a lot of Paid to Read programs. Advertisers pay you to signup for programs under them, in exchange for cash credits. You must be active in the program, for a specified period of time before your account will be credited.  Another type of Program, RPoints, rewards its members with points for each free and paid offer they sign up for. The points are in then convertible to shopping certificates or cash at a rate of 100 points=1.00.

Paid Surveys
 A lot of individuals are earning steadily by answering online, and occasionally telephone surveys. Although the lucrative programs are targeted mostly to residents of US and Canada, there are still some that cater to international members. Lists of Survey Companies  can be found here and here. You must NEVER pay for any such list, as they can be found for free if you look for them.

Paid to Write
Some programs even pay talented writers for their articles. 


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