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     These are two main classification of programs where you get paid to surf:

1. Autosurf - programs where the pages you view load automatically after a set period of time e.g. new site every 20 seconds.
2. Manual Traffic Exchange - programs which require you to click on a particular link at regular intervals, most often to test whether you can read English e.g. click on the highest number from a set of numbers, before the next website loads.

    Both can be used to promote your websites, but they also have their individual advantages and disadvantages.

Paid to Surf Advantages Disadvantages
Autosurf Less time consuming
No clicking required
In general, faster earning
Not approved for majority of restricted PTP pages
Not a very effective way to advertise
Manual Traffic Exchange Requires clicking and attention at regular intervals
In general, lower earning potential
More PTP friendly
Recommended way to advertise your sites

EasyHits4U TrafficPods
BellesSurf WebBizInsider
LinkCrews WebMasterQuest
Share-Traffic Other Manual Traffic Exchanges

Registrant: DomainsByProxy
Created July 15, 2006
Membership Free, Upgraded ($5 monthly)


Surf Ratio 0.5:1 (Free), 1:1 (Upgraded)

A new manual surf from the POS of BellesEMails! Earn cash and credit bonuses while surfing. You may request payout when your account earnings reach $0.10, and receive payout via

Timer 15 seconds
Anti-cheat mechanism Click OK button
Credits Promote unlimited number of sites and banners
Referral Bonus 20%, 50 credits per new referral
Other features Earn $0.0025 and 6 credit bonuses while surfing

Registrant: Mikhail Aranovsky
Created January 13, 2003
Membership Free, Upgraded ($6.95 monthly)


Surf Ratio 1:1

My favorite manual surf program because it has the highest hit validity rate among the programs I've joined The admin makes sure you have a clean and smooth surfing experience. Sites promoted must be in English, can have only 1 pop-up, and have no porn, warez, illegal copied software or offensive content

Timer 30 seconds
Anti-cheat mechanism Click on the matching word, perform calculations
Credits Promote unlimited number of sites and banners
Referral Bonus 10%-5%-3%-2%-1%
Other features Earn $0.30 per 1000 sites surfed!
Earn $0.10 per referral!
Convert cash to credit, limited upgraded membership, or save till payout ($3.00) is reached.
Weekly newsletter
Daily top ten surfers rewards
Surfing and referral contests

Michael Gartner
July 28, 2006
Membership Free, Upgraded ($39.87)


Surf Ratio Earn a variable amount of tokens as you climb crew ranks

Similar to TrafficPods, you gain more tokens per site by climbing up the ranks of crews. Hits you earned are quickly converted to site traffic. And with 3000+ members and climbing, this is the traffic exchange to watch out for!

Timer Variable
Anti-cheat mechanism Click on the highest member/select link you want to visit
Credits Promote links/websites
Referral Bonus 0.1(Free)/0.4(Upgrade) tokens for every site surfed
Other features Link Crews Ad Coop

ShareTraffic - Guaranteed Web Visitors

Registrant: Jeffrey Harnisch
Created Sept. 15, 2001
Membership Free, Upgraded($19.99 one time) Comments
Surf Ratio 2:1

 Joined Sept. 8, 2005
Seems underrated since its been here for a long time.
Smooth surfing experience. Sites must have only 1 pop-up and not have adult (sex), warez, hatred or racial nature, or any other undesireable content. Referral pages of other hit exchanges may also not be promoted.

Timer 15 seconds
Anti-cheat mechanism Click the matching symbol
Credits Sites (1)
Referral Bonus 25%-10%-5%-4%-2%
Other features Earn $0.0002 per site viewed ($0.0005 for upgraded members)  with payout at $20.00.
Win extra credits and cash by playing 3 hands of poker every 25 sites.
Earn $2.50 for every direct referral that upgrades.
100% free access to Share-Traffic Network.

Registrant: Tyler Huculak
Created Oct. 11, 2004
Membership Free, Upgraded($19.99 monthly) Comments
Surf Ratio 2:1

 Joined April 11, 2005
One of the most complicated manual surfs ever. You surf to earn credits and encounter the occasional pod point, which can be converted to credits every weekend, IF you own your own traffic pod.

Timer 15 seconds
Anti-cheat mechanism Click the highest number
Credits 3(free), 25(upgraded) websites
Referral Bonus Earn 1 pod point/page surfed by referral
Other features Win extra pod points while surfing, even more while surfing the bonus pods (every 100 sites) and super pods (every 1000 sites)
Find shapes to fill your bonus card, and win extra pod points
Top ten surfers weekly get their own traffic pods, which they can keep so long as you surf at least 1000 sites/week.

Registrant: Matthew Graves
Created Oct. 19, 2001
Membership Free, Upgraded ($20 monthly)


Surf Ratio 1:1 Smooth surfing with progressively increasing bonus credits given at progressively longer intervals. Sites submitted are manually approved: only 1 pop-up, no frame-breakers, no adult, defamatory or offernsive material.
Timer 20 seconds
Anti-cheat mechanism Click next
Credits 1 Site (Free), Banners
Referral Bonus 10%-10%-10%-10%-10%-10%
Other features Bonuses are credited at regular intervals
Earn 1 credit per hit to your referral page
100 credit bonus per referral
Earn credits reading email from your uplines

Registrant: Thomas Dalberg
Created July 6, 2000
Membership Free, Upgraded ($20 monthly)


Surf Ratio 1:1 A very promising manual traffic exchange with a very good anti-cheat mechanism. Sites must be English, have only 1 pop-up, and contain no adult content, drugs, firearms, warez, or any other questionable material
Timer 30 seconds
Anti-cheat mechanism Click the matching symbol
Claim mystery credits
Credits Unlimited sites and banners
Referral Bonus 20%-5%-2%-1%-1%
Other features 2:1 Start page feature
Email ads
Text hotlinks
Surf for real cash
Traffic Prizes to be won 24/7
Lotto PICK 6, Cash Raffle for traffic and money


Kenoclix Random Riches TS25

* colloquial term for people of Philippine descent