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Paid to Surf EprofitSurf and EProfitSurf Unveil their Plans for the near Future
Site Update #1
Site Update #2: EprofitWorks and ASM temporarily closes!
  BlackGold-Surf BlackGold-Surf - Site Changes
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HYIPs and EProfitSurf Unveil their Plans for the near Future
Admin Email issued Feb. 6, 2006

Dear Valued Members,

In light of the events of the past several months, culminating in the sudden developments of last week, we have evaluated our current position and made the following decisions for the long term protection of our members.

We realize that change is unsettling at best... but quite necessary to safeguard what we have ALL worked to build over the last 6 to 9 months. Please rest assured that we are NOT going anywhere. We are simply restructuring to enable a quicker recovery from these latest events.

Given that StormPay has decided not to work with us or provide us with ANY information concerning the recent turn of events AND that we have repeatedly worked around issues with each of our other processors over the last 10 months, we came to the conclusion that none of the currently popular payment processors were reliably fulfilling the needs of our

Designing our own processor to service our internet marketing community became a priority.

Auto-Surf-Money is on the verge of completion. We will accept account funding via international money order, electronic funds transfer, creditcard, and egold. All surf site payouts will be performed through Auto-Surf-Money. Payouts will then be performed via electronic funds transfer, egold or checks. We will be including other options as we continue development.

In addition to freezing our funds, it appears that StormPay is "randomly" refunding those members who purchased autosurf upgrades via StormPay. This is being done without the knowledge or consent of either our members or our staff.

Unfortunately, we cannot access our account to verify which members have been refunded and which have not... Therefore, we have no way of knowing who has or will be refunded until such time as we are permitted access to our StormPay account... Best case scenario is the 180 day time limit provided in StormPay's User Agreement.

The fairest way that we can determine to move forward is to treat all StormPay upgrades as refunded services. We will be establishing escrow accounts for every member who has purchased upgrades via StormPay equal to the amount of what they would be due as a refund for those upgrades. Each of the affected members' surf levels will be lowered by that upgrade amount. Once we are able to gain access to our StormPay account, we will be able to determine who has received refunds and who has not. At that time, members will be refunded if StormPay has not yet done so.

Were StormPay not taking it upon themselves to randomly refund members, we could continue business as usual with even our StormPay members. Unfortunately with these random refunds, we simply cannot :(

With opening a payment processor as an additional service to our members, we also have had to analyze the time that it would take to competently adminster an additional site on top of our current duties.

The only way that we can do justice to a payment processor is if we are only operating one surf site.

Auto-Surf.Biz and eProfit Surf will be CONSOLIDATING memberships and Auto-Surf.Biz will close once the consolidation is complete.

There will be no refunds, upgrades or any other financial transactions occuring during this 3 day hiatus.

eProfit Surf will house members from both existing sites and payouts will be at a rate of 1% per day with no expiration date. Payouts will be made on a weekly basis to your Auto-Surf-Money account.

The only other change that will affect new members is that there will be a LIMIT of one account per IP address/ASM payout account with a $10,000 total limit. Combined accounts will be totaled and able to maintain their current upgrade level of the combined accounts.

Both sites will be taken down for maintenance to accomplish this for 3 days, from midnight tonight (server time) through midnight Friday (server time).

eProfit Surf will return on Friday with the new terms and conditions in place.

A new support ticket system will also be implemented at this time, as we have had sporadic issues with our current provider.

Again, we realize that change can be unsettling. BUT these are the decisions we have made for the collective good of our ENTIRE membership. We appreciate your support and encouragement during this time of transition, as well as the opportunity to continue working with all of you.

If you have any comments or concerns, please visit our forum:

Hope you are all making it a great week :)

Dan and Colette
eProfit Surf

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Site Update
Admin Email issued March 7, 2006

Good Morning Everyone,

We have made great progress on the site since we closed Friday to complete the changes to our new business model. We are still testing, implementing and also making use of the time to complete data corrections.

Unfortunately, progress is being hampered by members who insist on not following the rules and sneaking in to surf anyway.

All members who have located our renamed index file and managed to complete surfing for the last 3 days have been suspended. All earnings have been removed from those members, including bonus clicks.

Suspending members and removing earnings from those members in violation has cost ALOT of time. One member had accrued over $176 in bonus clicks. Another had accrued almost $100.

The changes we are making to satisfy the new regulations are rather substantial. While we were hoping to have all of our programming changes complete over the weekend, that unfortunately, was not possible.

We realize that a lot has been asked from all of you over the past few weeks with the substantial changes that have had to be made. HOWEVER, these changes were not of our doing. We are merely adapting to the required changes as quickly as possible. While we are doing that, you all need to be patient and allow us to get this work DONE... Without these changes there will be no more surf site.

We are sure no one wants that to happen. The whining and complaining in the forum, in our Inboxes, and support tickets has to STOP. It is not possible to work faster than we are, and all it is doing is slowing down our progress.

Thanks for your cooperation. We appreciate your continued patience.

Colette & Dan eProfit Surf

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EprofitWorks and Auto-surf-Money temporarily closes!
Admin Email sent March 26, 2006

Auto-surf-money has been forced to temporarily close due to the restrictions placed upon it by other processors, such as Paypal and e-Gold.

As a result, there is currently no way to receive or payout funds from eProfitWorks. We believe the the most fair and logical way to handle this situation is to do as follows:

eProfitWorks will be temporarily closed effective Monday, March 27

The operations staff will then begin reviewing the database to calculate refunds for all members to which they are due.

A refund will be due if the amount you have spent from outside funds is greater than the amount you have cashed out. Purchases made from account earnings are not eligible for refund. Following this process, all accounts will be reset to zero so that we can restart with a clean slate. All members currently in free status will be deleted prior to this process to minimize the amount of data being worked with

Refunds will be issued via ASM company check. Please complete your member profile in ASM so a check can be mailed to you if you are due a refund.

If you have purchased upgrades via Stormpay previously, you will be receiving an email with the amount that is being held in escrow for you.

eProfitWorks and ASM will remain offline until all development work iscomplete. Once complete, an announcement will be sent to all members and the sites will reopen. At this time, we are unable to give you a timeframe, however, we are doing our best to minimize the downtime.

Please do not submit support tickets regarding this issue.

Colette and Dan

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BlackGold-Surf Site Changes
Admin Email issued March 1, 2006
Hello members,

This email is to let you all know that we are working on some changes to the site. We feel these changes are necessary to catch up from the recent rapid growth our site has experienced. Growth can be good but, it can also be bad if things get out of balance.

First thing is that we will be changing the site to the new server so if you notice any down time at any time, this is why.

Another thing is that we had said we would give members until March 10 before we deleted inactive members. Our inactive list is almost as large as our active list right now. We feel that everyone has had plenty of time to get there things in order so we will begin deleting inactives now. So if you notice a drastic change in membership numbers, this will be why.

One important change is that we will getting rid of is the referral commission. So, starting now, you will not get paid a referral commission for any new members you introduce to Blackgold-surf.

The next thing is that we intend to lower the amount we pay on your membership upgrade levels to surf, we just have not decided how much we need to lower it yet. We never imagined the site would grow all of a sudden like it has. Although we have some other amount of income coming into the site from advertising and other things, it is not nearly enough to keep up with how fast the site has grown. We must cut the percent we pay you to surf to help balance this.

We hope you will all bear with us through the changes and we will do our best to keep you all updated and informed.

Thank you

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* colloquial term for people of Philippine descent