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          Why not get a little something extra when joining online earning programs? Please consider my referral bonus offers, and be sure to read the terms of my offer below.

Terms of Offers
     Before availing of my offers, please read the following term of agreement beforehand:
1. All cash bonuses are payable via e-gold unless otherwise stated.

2. Bonuses for cash autosurf and HYIP programs will be paid only when I myself am paid by that program.

3. Advertising bonuses can be claimed as soon as possible by sending advertising details along with initial email (see below). Ad stats are not available for ads on my site.

4. I may require a certain period of membership or level of activity prior to awarding bonuses.

5. When interested in the program, you have two ways to contact me:
     a. Visit my contact form and include the following information before submitting
         Program name
         User ID
         Name and Email Address used
         Payment Processor ID
         Advertising Details, if applicable
     I will send a confirmation email once I've verified you in my downline.


     b. Visit this forum thread, post your CMI (count me in) as well as the details mentioned above, then PM me (username shapiro). This method will require registration, but will enable us to communicate each other more, regarding the bonuses.

Disclaimer: These programs are not 100% guaranteed earners.
DO NOT invest more than you can afford to lose!

Paid to Blog Programs MyLot More Info The Bonus: $0.10 for the first 10 who sign up under me (10 available)

Affiliate Programs
The Bonus: Free 6-month text box ad on the desired GPT page of my website (subject to availability).

The Bonus: Free 6-month text box ad on the desired GPT page of my website (subject to availability).

Payment Processors

Recommended Programs


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