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Your PTP Program here!
Your PTP Program here!
Your PTP Program here!
Your PTP Program here!


Types of Paid to Promote Programs
Basics of Paid to Promote
Paid to Promote Programs
Promoting your PTP Page

     These are two types of paid to promote programs:

1. Paid to Promote only - programs where you get compensated for showing other viewers a particular product, service, webpage or ad unit, e.g. ad toolbars, banners, skyscrapers, pop-ups.
2. Paid To Read with Paid to Promote - wherein you also get a PTP page you can earn from in addition to the standard Paid to Read program.

    You can earn from both programs simulataneously, but they also have their individual advantages and disadvantages.

Paid to Promote Advantages Disadvantages
Paid to Promote only Choice of promoting a PTP page, or adding ad units to your own website. Promoting via autosurfs may  be allowed Nothing so far
Paid to Read Programs with a Paid to Promote feature Earnings help you reach your PTR payout sooner. No need to have your own website. Promoting your page can also bring you more referrals. Usually, sites you can promote from are more limited. You cannot control the content of your PTP pages. PTP pages may carry viruses.


     Although paid to promote is essentially being credited per view of a particular page or ad unit, it does not automatically mean that each view is equated with one full credit. Most programs implement certain restrictions for being credited.  These may include but are not limited to:

  • Time interval - the period where in multiple hits from the same IP address will only be credited once. For example, a 12-hour unique bases means that all hits from the same from an IP address within a 12 hour interval will only count once.

  • IP address - only unique hits per time interval will count towards your account credit balance

  • Country of origin/Country tiers - advertisers usually specify their target country population, so PTP programs implement country tiering where they categorize all countries as first tier, second tiers and so on, while associateing them with a certain credit value. For example, all hits from first tier countries will count as one full credit, from 2nd tier countries as 0.8 credits, etc.

  • Approved Sites - some programs do not credit hits from sites that are not approved. These measures were implemented to increase the probability that their pages are being seen by real people, to establish their support of programs deemed legitimate or sustainable, and /or to preserve their own sustainability. For example, autosurf programs are usually not approved sites for promoting your PTP page.

  • Hit Validity - a valid hit is defined as hits where 100% of data is transmitted. Most PTPs only count valid hits, where the PTP page is allowed to fully load.

     Another set of guidelines govern credit-to-cash conversion.

  • Rate of Exchange - determines the value of your credits. For example, a rate of $1 CPM (cost per milia/1000 credits) means that you can exchange 1000 credits for $1.

  • Minimum Exchange Rate - this is the amount of credits you must have acquired before you will be allowed to exchange them for cash. For example, a minimum exchange rate of 1000 credits means that you can only convert credits to cash once you have at least 1000 credits in your account.

  • Credit Classification - in some programs, not all credits are created equal. They can designate credits as cashable of non-cashable, where non-cashable credits can only be used to redeem for website views, ads, and the like.


BankaEuro PO: Allain Thomas

Feb. 28, 2005
Membership Free


Minimum Payout 10.00 (Moneybookers), 15.00 (Paypal) Joined: Augut , 2006
Total Paid Out: 0.00
Account Balance: 0.00
Referrals: 1
Check put the latest point conversion rates: July 2006: 1.71 /1000 pts
June 2006: 2.28 /1000 pts
Promotions Units Promotion Page - Earn 1 point per valid visitor (24-hr unique), convertible to eure-cents at the beginning of each month
Payment Processors Moneybookers, Paypal
Payment Terms  
Referral Earning Levels 50% of direct referrals' point earnings!


ShareAdSpace - newly relaunched, with over 5,500 members worldwide, the program has NO MINIMUM payout, which you can request once per month via Egold or Paypal, with a $0.25 flat payout fee.


     Before promoting your web pages, be sure to check out each programs guidelines first. You can usually promote them in any of the following:

  • Manual Traffic Exchanges - these are usually approved by PTP programs and entail surfing other sites for credits that you can use in turn to promote your PTP page. To maximize your earning potential, try joining several manual surfs and run them simultaneously.

  • Autosurf Programs - a quicker version of Manual Traffic Exchanges that do not require you to click before the next web site can be shown. Some PTP programs have begun creating PTP pages that can be promoted at autosurfs at a much lower rate of exchange, usually around $0.10 CPM. This is because it's very probable that viewers may just launch the surf bar, then go on to do other things. In addition, some autosurf programs usually give large credit signup bonuses and even monthly credit allowances.

  • Paid to Read/Paid to Click Programs - a lot of these programs offer affordable advertising packages geared towards Paid to Promote where you are almost 100% guaranteed to make a profit. When purchasing ads, make sure to ask the timer for each ad as it is useless if your PTP pages do not have enough time to load fully.

* colloquial term for people of Philippine descent