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House of Profit
Other Paid to Post Programs
Paid to Post Rationale: Why would anyone pay you to post in forums?

     This is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways, in terms of knowledge gained, to earn money online. Simply post information you believe useful to others, or even just start relevant, thought-provoking and interesting threads, and you will soon stop counting post counts and just flow with the discussion. Forums usually reward its members based on post count, post relevance, helpfulness and the like, and strongly discourage the practice of artificially raising post count AKA post-boosting (with reason, since they are paying you to post!). The following are my favorite paid to post forums:

Program House of Profit
WhoIs Info

Registrant: Kenneth Tan
Created July 11, 2005

Bonuses None at the moment
Minimum Payout $5.00 (1 cent per post, 2 cents per new topic)
Payment Processors E-gold, Paypal
Referral Bonuses Points Earned per Referral : 10
Points Earned per Referral Post : 1
1 point = USD$0.01
5 levels of rating :
Points Needed for Referral Level 1 : 100
Points Needed for Referral Level 2 : 500
Points Needed for Referral Level 3 : 1000
Points Needed for Referral Level 4 : 2500
Points Needed for Referral Level 5 : 5000

     A new reward system has been implemented where members are allotted a "wallet" and a "bank" wherein money earned can be placed. Credit in the wallet can be used to redeem for special offers available in the Forum shop or purchase specials offered by fellow members. Alternatively, you can transfer the credits in the bank, where it earns an interest if 1% daily. I have been paid $3.50 so far.

Program Daldalan
WhoIs Info

Registrant:  Raden Payas
Created June 15, 2006

Bonuses Referral Contest every 15 days, with the following prizes: 1st - $6.00, 2nd - $4.00, 3rd - $2.00
Minimum Payout N/A
Payment Processors N/a

     This forum was established by another Filipino netpreneur, Raden, who is implementing a different rewards system, the latest of which are Smart or Globe prepaid cards to top posters.

Program EMoneyForums
WhoIs Info

Registrant:  Victor Katz
Created June 18, 2006

Bonuses None
Minimum Payout $1.00 (5 cents per quality post)
Payment Processors E-gold

     Posts to be qualified for payment must be good content more than 250 characters made in any folder, EXCEPT "Advertising folders" and "Everything else" section. Only 5 such posts per day from each member will qualify to be paid ! Once you reach the 500 post milestone, you will begin earning 10 cents per post and will be given $2 for every 20 quality posts you make after 500.



GossipSwap PayingForums  

Paid to Post Rationale : Why would anyone pay someone to post in a forum?

     At first glance, the idea of someone paying you to make a simple post in the forum seems improbable, and ludicrous at best. I mean, this WOULD only take a few seconds, minutes at most, and yet here are these people willing to give you their cold cash in exchange for a few words. Yet, a simple analysis of internet marketing, from the difficulty of establishing an online presence to the potentially limitless benefits to be gained in return, monetary and otherwise, can easily justify these measures.

    First, let us look at the attractions of the internet version of bars, cafes, classrooms, etc. all rolled into one  - the forum.

    Universal. Before the age of cyberspace, the word forum denoted a public place for meeting and open discussion. In the real world, this could be held anywhere that could hold at least a small group of people with something in common who are eager and willing to exchange ideas and experiences. Likewise, online forums CAN be held anywhere in cyber world, although there are innumerably greater numbers present, and thus more competitors, in terms of attracting truly interesting and interested contributors. The average internet browser will usually be aware of what a forum is and how to participate in one, and more likely than not, be able to register for free.

   Profitable. On top of that, online forums have the additional benefit of allowing the forum administrators to gain a potential audience for their other products or services, or to offer advertisers the chance to do the same. Depending on forum rules and admin-determined settings, the forum can become anything from an exclusive directory of quality links to a veritable link farm. Links, an internet requirement to establishing a solid online presence can be placed anywhere from the message body,  the member signature to the user profile. In addition, every conceivable space can be used or sold as advertising space for banners, buttons, leader boards etc. And aren't we all familiar with the many lucrative advertising affiliate programs available today?

    Indiscriminate. Additionally, forums can serve as an allegedly neutral means of expressing ones ideas, knowledge, experiences and feedback, BOTH positive and negative, regarding a particular concept, site, program, facility or service, for any and all browsers willing to express themselves. Have you ever been offered a service where your decision to avail of it was determined in part by user feedback or testimonials? Forums can also serve as a major means of communication between two people coming from different parts of the world, who have never personally met but  share a common interest.

     Privacy hence Candor. The forum's flexibility allows for members to share only as much as they want to share, enabling them to completely preserve anonymity to announcing their true identity for all the world to see. Thus, members will usually express themselves more honestly and comprehensively, resulting in engaging, insightful and lengthy discussions on the topic at hand.

     Accessibility. Unlike meetings or conventions in the real world, forum discussions can go on indefinitely, and will always be open to additional input all day, any day.

    Archives. Depending on forum settings, all threads, and consequently links, ideas and comments, can be available for review at any time.

    Versatility. Majority of the popular forum types provide various add-ons such as an arcade, shop and bank function, making the forum a potential all-in-one site.

    The above-mentioned features, combined with the availability of forums hosted for free, makes this an ideal starting point for the struggling internet marketer or someone simply looking to share thoughts and ideas with like-minded individuals. However, as with all things online, promotion is tough work, and that is where paid-to-post comes in.  Compensation, monetary and otherwise, is given to members who make worthwhile contributions to the discussion and to the forum as a whole. In return, the forum gains more quality content, enhancing its reputation. and thus attracting even more members to contribute their own unique input to the discussions, more traffic to increase website ranking, and more interested advertisers willing to pay for their spot on the site.

    So the next time you encounter a paid-to-post site, keep an open mind. The mechanics are feasible and the program administrators will probably pay for your hard work, as long as you abide by the terms and rules. Now start posting!

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