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Definition of Terms

Cheat Link
an email/ link that POs use to weed out cheaters (members who don't understand English in general) ,OR blind clickers (members who don't bother to read what they click)

Turing Numbers members are required to click on the matching number in order to view ads, another test to determine which members use a cheat bot

Your PTR Program here!
Your PTR Program here!
Your PTR Program here!


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*** GPT Watch List ***

     In a nutshell, Paid to Read programs require you to double opt in to receive email advertisements which you can earn from once you visit the advertiser's website. In other words, you volunteer to receive spam and agree to read them for compensation, monetary or otherwise.  I included Paid to Click Programs here because they are not always mutually exclusive. In fact, almost all Paid to Read programs also contain a paid to click area where members click banners in exchange for either points, cash or a chance to win cash (contest PTC).

     Commonly Terms to review: cheat links, turing numbers

     These are two general categories of Paid to Read Programs

1. Search-based - programs where double opt-in to members receive emails containing links to PPC Search engines, and are paid to make valid searches. These types of PTR programs usually accept members from the following countries ONLY: AUSTRALIA, AUSTRIA, BELGIUM, CANADA, DENMARK, FINLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY, GREAT BRITAIN, GREECE, ICELAND, IRELAND, ITALY, NETHERLANDS, NEW ZEALAND, NORWAY, PORTUGAL, SOUTH KOREA, SPAIN, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, and UNITED STATES. So, this option is not open to us Filipinos, of for the matter most Asians. This is unfortunate as these are the quickest money makers of all PTRs. A particular program I know of, Adpaid, even has a $500 cashout button for its members, AND it is definitely not a scam program!

2. Non-search-based - programs double opt-in to receive email advertisements containing links to websites which they must visit for a predetermined time interval, anywhere from 5 seconds to minutes, before their accounts are credited with cash/points. Although, these programs may also send search emails, not all emails contain search links.


     In Paid to Read programs, you have to face the undeniable fact that you will be clicking these email links for mere pennies ($0.01), sometimes even a fraction of one. Couple that with a relatively high minimum payout requirement, and you'll realize that it can take months to actually be paid for all your trouble. Compare them to other online earning opportunities and you'll start to think, why even bother? Personally, I do believe that your time, effort and sometimes investment, e.g. upgrades, is usually worth more than the money you get in the end. However, PTRs are to me, an essential step in the initiation process to the Get Paid To industry. NO monetary investment is required to be able to earn most of the time, and sometimes, the rewards you get, discovering more friends, lucrative programs and honest webmasters more than compensate for the low rate of earning. Nevertheless, here are some tips that may make you attain the payout goal faster:

  • Choose your programs wisely - nothing can be more frustrating than clicking endlessly to attain payout, and upon reaching that, find that the program you've joined has never intended to pay all along. Again, do your research. There are many lists of scam PTRs around, and forums are always a good source of up- to-date information regarding PTR programs. Independent online monitoring programs such as and have contributed to exposing scams and verifying good paying track records of the many PTR programs out there.

  • Check out member payout statistics - look at the Total Amount Paid Out, Total Members and minimum payout, and analyzer them in terms of rate of payouts.. For example, if you have a $2 minimum payout, $45 in total paid out to around 500 members you could make a very loose assumption that around 23 members so far have reached payout. Then consider the date the program was launched, since new programs often have a slow start.
         If a program was 1 year old, had 18,000 members, and only paid out around $1,000 so far with a $1 minimum payout requirement, then chances are, the program has a slow earning rate. Its not that simple though. as you have to take in other factors such as random payouts (wherein the program owner regularly pays randomly selected members their account balance).

  • Build your downlines - like most other earning programs, you often get referral bonuses, and in the case of PTRs, this translates to having a certain percentage of your referrals' total earnings added to your own account balance. Ergo, the more referrals you have, the more you downline earnings you have. Sometimes, if the program has a low activity required to be credited downline earnings, you can just build huge ACTIVE downlines, and not have to click  as much to reach payout. Again easier said than done. Though there are many ways to get referrals, competition is fierce. You can still try though, by recruiting from forums, advertising your programs, joining downline clubs and even paying (yes, PAYING!) someone to join under you in a particular program.

  • Don't spread yourself too thin - resist the impulse to join as many programs as you can, with the idea that you will be earning more than if you join just a few select ones. Yes, you would POTENTIALLY, but in effect you would be increasing the time to reach payout since it does take quite a lot of work to do so, even when joining just a few programs. After a while, all that monotonous clicking may wear down your enthusiasm, and you WILL eventually be dropping programs like flies. So save yourself the wasted time and effort by focusing on a few of your favorite programs instead.

  • Be active in the program's other earning opportunities - click on contest PTCs, join click contests, answer Trivias, do the weekly word scramble and catch others advertising the programs. You could find yourself pleasantly surprised to find a little extra cash added to your balance as a result of your participation.

  • Don't diss the points - if you have extra time in your hands, click on point ads as well. Some programs offer very good uses for these points, such as the option to redeem for advertising, very handy for referral recruitment, and points to cash conversion. Check out each programs' take on the points and assess if its worth your time and effort to accumulate them.

* colloquial term for people of Philippine descent