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GPT Programs with Referral Contests!

Before starting on any earning programs, be sure to protect your computer!

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Mozilla Firefox

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Make it a habit to scan your computer for viruses regularly.

Configure your browser pop-up blocker, or install  separate one.


Although not by any means 100% effective, the following are just some of the ways I've gotten referrals in the past.

1. Join GPT-related forums, extol the programs' virtues AND be helpful and honest when replying to member inquiries. This is one of my most rewarding method in gaining referrals since they are fully aware of the program's pros and cons when they join under you and are less likely to quit. Please do not try to make the program appear better than it actually is because they WILL eventually find out the real score. In addition, your honesty will gain their trust (why shouldn't it) and they will look to your for more advise regarding other programs, and give it more weight than others'. Lastly, do not demand anything in exchange for information you offer. Eager, willing and industrious referrals are the the best of them all. As a side note, remember that forum signatures are a powerful recruitment tool. Make sure you promote your favorite programs in your signatures, listing all its attractive features if possible.

2. Purchase email ads to all members at some PTRs. This is another effective way of gaining referrals, especially if you get in early in the game, i.e. the program you are promoting is brand new with few members. Again, be honest when describing the programs' features and try to present them in a creative and original way. If you have no talent for writing convincing ads, just the bare essentials, with a highlight on the particularly attractive features, such as a low payout, or high-value links, can be serviceable. When writing it though, think to yourself, would I be convinced to signup for this particular program under  this particular person? Another factor to consider when using email advertisement is what program to advertise in.

  • Advertise in programs with an active and responsive member base. With regards to the member population total, they both have their pros and cons. Larger programs such as BGPayMail are a good place to advertise if you are one of the pioneer members of the program you are promoting. since you would have way less competition. The email ad would be their first exposure to the program, and if its good enough for them, they may sign up on the spot. On the other hand, smaller programs may have members that are more willing to try out other new programs.

  • Advertise in programs similar to or better yet, less attractive than the program you are promoting. For example, if your programs has a PTP rate of 70 cents CPM, advertise at a program with a PTP rate of 50 cents CPM. Or, if your program has no-minimum payout, advertise in a program with higher payouts or payout problems. This could make your program even more attractive to the members.

  • Before deciding on programs to advertise at, be sure to check the advertisement results of other people who advertised there. Simply post your question in a GPT-related forum, or search in the Advertisement Results section.

3. Pay for referrals. Although unsure as to the quality of your referrals, you can pay someone to join under you, either by purchasing Paid to Signup ads, or posting your offer in a forum. Before you do though, make sure you clearly state the terms of payment, ex. I will pay you $0.10 for signing up under me, Payments only via e-gold and to be paid after 1 week of activity in the program, as well as the terms for signing up under you, ex. you must be active (click at least 1 link a week) to avail of my offer. Clarify everything that needs to be clarified to avoid any future misunderstandings, and to minimize the risks of getting inactive referrals. This is a common method employed by members who are trying win referral contests.

4. Create your own personal website. You can make a website similar to mine, wherein you can promote all the programs that you believe others can truly benefit from. A simple table listing each program's basic features and containing your referral link can be even more effective especially if you promote it and get a lot of traffic from like-minded individuals. If making your own website is a hassle, have someone make it for you, such as Olivier of WeAllGetPaid (see sample) or YazzaSurf (see sample). I can also offer my services by making you a one-page website hosted here at Atspace for a reasonable fee (depending on the number of programs to be advertised). Interested individuals can send me a message via the contact or advertising form.

5. Join a program using a forum downline builder. This is another common practice of the more GPT-savvy individuals, and is a contributory factor to the decline in effectivity of the email advertisement. Once they read an email ad and like the program promoted, they immediately go to a forum and join using the downline builder. This is because you would have a greater chance of getting downlines at multiple levels by doing so with minimal effort.

Other methods to gain referrals which have been recommended by others include:

  • All out promotion using multiple types of advertising including but not limited to search engine submission, PPC ads, manual traffic exchanges, autosurf promotion, classified ads, e-zine marketing, etc for online advertising, and business cards, flyers, newspaper ads etc for advertising in the real world. Please see the Advertising Section to some useful links to FREE online advertising opportunities.

  • Joining Downline Clubs, Mailing Lists, etc. such as The List Machine.

Referral Recruitment Don'ts

Spamming, which is essentially the dissemination of unsolicited information, either by email, forum posts, personal messages etc. This can be the quickest way to lose a prospective referral.

False claims, such as stating you were paid this and that, when in actuality you were not, are misleading and dangerous, especially when others may be convinced to invest in rocky programs on the basis of your claims.

* colloquial term for people of Philippine descent