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GPT Programs with Referral Contests!

Before starting on any earning programs, be sure to protect your computer!

Recommended Browser
Mozilla Firefox

Recommended Antivirus
Make it a habit to scan your computer for viruses regularly.

Configure your browser pop-up blocker, or install  separate one.


     Here is the newbie's guide to getting started on GPT. Assuming you're read the beginner's guide and have decided on the programs you want to join, here the basic steps to opening your account.

1. Open an email account, preferably with a large storage capacity. which you will be using as your main address when signing up for programs. Due to the sheer volume of expected emails, especially with Paid to Read programs, a separate email address will make it a lot easier to distinguish them from your personal emails. Be reminded though that some email programs have powerful spam-blockers and that to receive some emails, you must add the program email address to your address book. There are also some restrictions that go the other way: some programs will not accept signups from specific email providers. To avoid this problem, try using a widely accepted email providers such as GMail. Aside from a still-growing storage capacity, GMail offers its users more organizing power, and the ability to search through your files for specific emails. For invites, simply send me a message via the contact form.

2. Open your payment processor, preferably using a separate email address, if applicable. Optimize your online transaction capabilities by utilizing the most flexible account level available. Make sure you use a different password per payment processor, and that each password contains both numbers and letters to minimize the risk that your account will be hacked. More information on payment processors can be found here.

3. Signup process

a. If signing up for a program on the spot, simply click on the signup button and fill out all pertinent information as honestly and completely as possible. If you are joining an autosurf site, there will usually be a field where you are required to input a website URL that will be promoted. Just enter the referral link to your favorite programs if you do not own any website. Again, choose your password wisely, something that you can easily remember but  difficult for others to guess. Using the same username for all programs makes it easier to remember when logging in. A handy online tool that a lot are making use of is the Roboform password manager.

b. If signing up under another member, as in Downline Builders, Paid Signups and Referral Exchanges, an additional step is to verify that your direct upline is indeed that person you intend to sign up under. This is usually indicated in the signup form.

A verification email will usually be sent to the email address you signup with. Once you click the activation link, you are now a registered member of that program, and can now log in and start earning.

4. Once verified, start clicking or surfing to earn. The use of the Firefox Mozilla browser as well as a pop-up blocker can make this a more pleasant experience because you can never predict when pop-ups accompany some of the sites you visit. Mozilla has a password manager and allows users to surf a lot of sites simultaneously with its tabbed browser. As with all online tasks, a good antivirus is a must to protect your PC.

5. Develop your daily GPT routine to avoid it taking up too much of your time. Create a flexible timetable of clicking/surfing task so that you maximize earning, attending to all the programs you are a member of, while minimize time spent. When autosurfing, make note of the different server time zones so that you can make your surfing schedule and avoid missing earning days.

6. Always opt in for admin emails as they usually contain important program updates that may affect you membership, earning potential, and payout status. Regular visits to the site support forum may also be as, if not more, informative.

7. If you find that the program falls short of your expectations, do not be afraid to quit programs, unless you have invested a lot of effort, time, and perhaps even money. Sometimes though, the programs will irrevocably crash and burn, no matter what the program owners or members do.

* colloquial term for people of Philippine descent