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     Due to the numerous programs that have been running into one problem after another, I decided to create a watch list for Get Paid To programs I've joined but can no longer recommend in good faith. Listed herein are the sites that have problems meeting their own terms of service with regards to payouts or have disappeared without warning but may have the chance or reappearing on the scene based on a previously good reputation.

Program Problems
12DailyPro A former giant among all autosurfs, this program is apparently succumbing to the multiple hits its has taken beginning with the Stormpay issues which led to a full blast FBI and media investigation. Close monitoring of this program will determine whether investors will be able to claim refunds for some if not all previous deposits. STATUS: OFFICIALLY CLOSED, NO REFUNDS AT THE MOMENT
Autosurf2Earn This program has not been paying members, allegedly due to the e-gold account being hacked. No updates have been posted since then. STATUS: DOMAIN CAN NO LONGER BE FOUND
BestAdSite Floryn has not been responding to support emails and was last active in the forum last month. There have been no payment reports being posted in other forums. Hopefully, Floryn, or Jennifer will give their final say on whether this program has any hope of making a comeback. STATUS: RELAUNCHED AS AN ADS-ONLY REDEMPTION SITE, WITH NO ADMIN EMAIL PRIOR TO CHANGE Another autosurf which has struggled due to the problems induced by payment processor woes, it attempted to start anew. Hackers though apparently created so much trouble that it has disappeared for now. STATUS: DOMAIN CAN NO LONGER BE FOUND
EProfitWorks In my opinion, the last of the autosurf giants to fall, they have experienced numerous problems despite their effort to circumvent payment processor issues by setting up the now closed Auto-Surf-Money. The program claims they will pay out all members not in profit, then begin anew with a clean slate. STATUS: DOMAIN CAN NO LONGER BE FOUND
Get-Mails This paid to read program had a slow but great start with its initial PO Simon. However, since the transfer of ownership to Craig and Bradley, there have been disheartening changes, with the alleged revamp of the forum via which most of the contact with the owners have occurred as well as a slow/lack of response to contact emails sent.  STATUS: DOMAIN CAN NO LONGER BE FOUND
Hauling Cash Although payouts are still being processed, they have been incredibly slow for the past months. The PO, Mike, also has a less than perfect rep when dealing with members who complain. STATUS: DOMAIN CAN NO LONGER BE FOUND
KingofAutosurf Despite the administration's attempt to circumvent the recent Stormpay fiasco by creating 2 different KOAs, one catering to Stormpay members and the other to E-gold members, there has been a noticeable lag in payments being processed and essential account transfers.
Klikkini Initially a big hit, its members are now complaining because of the slow payouts, especially via e-gold. Also, no emails have been sent for the past month, and the managers have not been in communication with the Alex, the owner for quite some time now. I have requested an e-gold payout last Sept. 10, 2005. STATUS: DOMAIN CAN NO LONGER BE FOUND
MVPSurf Like other autosurfs, its e-gold account had been hacked, and members who have upgraded via e-gold have suffered. To his credit, Michael Prusa, the PO has implemented schemes to replenish depleted funds by promoting programs, however they entail significant  monthly investments and are limited to some countries only. Presently, I have not received payouts due to this, and can not re-upgrade again in good faith, although a lot ARE being paid.  STATUS: PAYING OUT TO MEMBERS WHO HAVE UPGRADED WITH PAYMENT PROCESSORS OTHER THAN E-GOLD.
No-Min Another program which had a great start, the admin has lowered PTP rates without warning and have not been paying its members, including me, within terms so far. STATUS: UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP (BENNIE OF BESTGETPAID.COM). PTP EARNINGS CAN NOW BE USED FOR REDEMPTIONS ONLY TO DECREASE SITE DEBT. PAYOUTS ARE ALLEGEDLY BEING PROCESSED.
NovemberTears This PTR has finally collapsed under the weight of its lifetime upgrade offers and high click values. STATUS: DOMAIN CAN NO LONGER BE FOUND.
StudioTraffic A heavyweight among autosurf programs, Studio Traffic has its share of passionate supporters and adamant antagonists. Lately, the program has been introducing disturbing changes to the program, such as the "voluntary" donations required of members in the form of cash or labor. Let's not forget, Studio Traffic has also been know to ban members by country for the sins of a few. Lately, it has re-launched a new referral bonus promo in an attempt to revive the flagging interest and loyalty of its still huge membership base. STATUS: DOMAIN CAN NO LONGER BE FOUND
Surf-SWOT Analysis This autosurf has succumbed earlier than expected, initially having an excellent paying record and eventually failing to keep up with payments. This illustrates the importance of timing when joining these high-risk ventures. STATUS: OFFICIALLY CLOSED, NO REFUNDS AT THE MOMENT
ZoomInvest This long-running HYIP program has apparently gone back on track and is current;y offering refunds to previous members, along with its future plans of reopening. More details can be found here. STATUS: ONGOING PROCESSING OF REFUNDS

* colloquial term for people of Philippine descent